a new Persistence era begins!

So..for the last 3 years i served as a soldier in the Israeli defense army…my job was to be the gunner inside the tank…yes yes i served in a tank how cool is that?!.

because i moved with my tank to every place my fitness was..bad (and it’s a gentle saying)…i never was that kind of a fitness caring guy but in the last 2 months a so called “bug” caught me by surprise as suddenly from nowhere i started to practice in abs exercise and in the last couple of weeks i started to to the unthinkable 0.0..i started to do runnings!
until now it was a taboo for me!.

let me get it straight..i’m not fat and i never was..i’m just as lazy as possible.
running was consider by me as a living nightmare!

2 weeks ago i just gave myself a goal-passing 2 KM in less then 10 minutes.

at start in the first 2-3 runnings the results were horrible..but today..when i ran (my 4th time) i ran for 3.5km and the result surprise me! for the first time i saw an improvement! still i didn’t reached my goal but it’s a really nice indication !

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement”

here are the result for you to judge



a new Persistence era begins!

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