my first entry

hello to you my nit ad fresh blog…this is me..YARON…there is couple of things i would like to say…soo here we go:

im 21 years old..and the most exciting thing? im 12 days before my final releasment from active duty in the military of Israel..

this is it..i’ve done this service…3 fucking years out of my life went to this “duty”

now..i’m going to work for the first time of my life…work like a grown for my self.make some money to pays my own habbits and own desires..

in september i’ll fly to the beautiful country Georgia…this beautiful unindustrial piece of heaven…i’m gonna fly for a period of a month with my soul sister and my caring in times of need partner shaked..she’s so beautiful but yet so innocent..she’s like a child with her purely happiness and assertion about the world and his goodness. she belive in humanity (as an opposite to me)and i think she would be an excellent partner to this “mentally cleanning trip”Image
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my first entry

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