Last hours

Last hours of ancient sunlight.. Last hours of me in the army, in the dusty rugged uniforms.

last time of me being sleeping inside a container that made a weird swap to bedroom.

later time I’m going to have this feeling.. Yeah the most annoying feeling I have ever had -feel unproductive and not useful..

that feeling has come with me like an owl on the shoulder from day 1.

for 3 years everything I did was to the country.. Nothing was for me.

now it’s the time.. The time has come to take myself up to higher levels of self potential efficiency!.

I’m here now in the container.. Dreaming about tomorrow..caressing the elusion of being free.

lets us hope its not going to stay as an elusion

Last hours

2 thoughts on “Last hours

  1. I hope only good will come of your freedom to work on your on plans for your life now. It is honorable to sacrifice for your country and hopefully you know your countrymen are grateful for your service. I pray they show their appreciation in offering you whatever you may need to make getting to your goal a certainty. Best of luck to you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Here in Israel they do support us in money for degree or business opening and even tax discount for couple of years. The fact that your were a fighter in the front line is also a really a good addition for high quality jobs application.
      Again thank your very much for your kind words and I’ll keep you updated guys through my blog on how things are turning up to me out there

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