My first day as an arbeiter

so here is first day as a worker as a productive man!
i waited for it so long, for what you asking?
for the feeling of been productive. Work for myself. For my higher goals and desires, doing some hard physically work of cutting out woods and building rooftops for what? for a descent amount of money that can and will fulfill my own inspirations and desires.

for the last 3 years all the hard and painful assignments that i did for and to the army was from the bottom of my heart for one purpose only-to protect my country and serve my army and respect and fulfill my oath to do anything for my country, but the hardest thing for me was the feeling that all those things in the end of the day wasn’t for me..for the private me, for myself for yaron zeev.

now as I work in construction it’s not the best thing for my mentally. It’s not my inspiration and my destiny but every journey begins with a little steps and this first and hard work is those first steps.

all I did today was to cutting out woods and construct a rooftop(not my highest achievement) but still this is a big thing for me and why? again because of the feeling of me been productive.

now I’M sitting here in my living room with a nice smile on my face just watching TV and feeling sad because there is no world cup today!

My first day as an arbeiter

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