Today I got my “reserve military funds”

3 weeks after the operation in Gaza started..a special day came..july 29th the official release date of me from the army..the date i dreamt so much about..a more special day then a marriage day!.

in the 29th I was inside Gaza strip in an alley with my tank and fought terrorist and more specifically tried to keep myself safe.

instead of going to tel Aviv and give my equipment back to the army..i fired ammunition.

in the same day I joined what is called reserve service-the service of everyone after his mandatory service and when needed can be called to serve again (mainly in war times) can be 22 or 40 and still be called to the flag.

the thing is that reserve force you get paid per day the same amount you are getting paid in your civil life job.

I never had a civil job right? Right!.

so when I still fought alongside my folks in the mandatory service I got paid much higher then them! If a regular serviceman get 200$ a month..i got 1200$ crazy!.


yesterday the brown army’s envelope came to my apartment and at first glance I fought that they are calling me back to the army ,my heart rate reached higher with every second running by until I opened the envelope and saw a doc. That give me the right to get the money from social security! So that’s what I did! Ohh and the best thing? After 10 days of reserve service you get an amount of 1200$ as a gift because you donated a respectable amount of time to your country and its not granted.

so guess what.. I got it +the 1200$ salary! Great day!


Today I got my “reserve military funds”

My conflicts in Gaza war

As the gunner in the tank I responsible to fire with the machine guns and the big cannon …so it’s make me the guy who pull the trigger physically.

the targets I fired upon in Gaza were generally houses and “suspicious spots” .

we fired upon them  in order to make any terrorist keep his head down and not to try and fire on us.

in this procedure I know I’ve injured numerous civilians and killed probably between 5-10 innocent people…how do I need to handle this??.

i lived and raised on the values of respect and cherish human rights and lives,even when I’ve been in my military service I tried to balance the chorus and mission for a more human approach and less stiff and aggressive way ( the army looooove aggressiveness !) …

i have to stop now In order to get my shit together so there will be continue.

My conflicts in Gaza war

I fought in operation protective edge

Hello friends I just came home for good after one month in the gasa-Israeli conflict that still going on right now.
Yesterday I went to tel aviv to the biggest base in the country.
I gave them my equipment and took off the uniforms after 3 years of service in the military.
It’s not that I quit or something like’s just that after 3 years the mandatory service is done and you going home to start your civilian lifestyle for good.

So what happened? month ago I went home for a release vacation but hey one day they called me and told me “yaron come back we are going down south to Gaza to fight Hamas .

Of course I was depressed because I just wanted to go home for good.
So I took of my cloths packed up a bag and went to the army.

For 3 weeks thousands of soldiers (and me!) sat down in some agriculture fields next to the Gaza Strip border and waited for the command to enter the strip and do our mission.
What’s are mission was? To finds bunch of tunnels that Hamas dogged from Gaza to Israel territory and especially to the settlements near by.

At Saturday night the order came and we entered in.
Chaos was everywhere in the radio and we shot like crazy In Order to make the terrorist keep there heads off and not to attack us.

You know what the strangest thing was? There was no enemy! We fought against ghosts!

The terrorist had tunnels from house to house and from field to field.
When we finished the entering in process we started to slow our movement down and these is when Hamas had his chance to hurt us.

While you stand for couple of hours with your tank down in the street and nothing happen,suddenly and anti tank weapon is flying meters from you and until you start to search the enemy..he’s already gone.
We literally fought ghosts.

In one of the days over there I lost a good friend of mine..a mortar shell shrapnel hurt him in the heart and in the neck…I don’t know how I feel about it because back then we didn’t have really I time to digest it and confront it..we needed to keep ourself safe!

Me and my crew are responsible for the killing of 6 terrorists…2 of them were holding a really expensive and danger anti tank weapon that could kill us for sure.

In the end I finished my 3 years (and 8 days (; ) with a Big when I’m home I’m starting to digest what I’ve been through and there will be more posts about my inner values vs. staying alive conflicts and the things I saw.

I fought in operation protective edge