Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem


In the last couple of months there is a sharp rise in the statistics-the statistics of terrorist attack in Israel and especially in Jerusalem.

back in the beginning of this century we had couple of grim years of suicide bombing on our buses and restaurants,an attacks that came from an organized extreme Muslim groups.our own FBI call Shabak managed to infiltrate those groups and after couple of years the descended to propaganda groups without any ability to attack us.
In recent months there is a new trend among many extreme Muslim people in the West bank and especially in east Jerusalem(where a lot of Palestinians lives in a poor conditions but work in Israel). this trend is very similar to the shooting in high schools trend that happening in the USA once in a while-a Palestinian guy can wake up in the morning after working in Jerusalem for 15 years and take his taxi and just make a killing spree with it on some innocent bystanders. it’s called “the lonely terrorist attack” and it’s characteristics are that it will come in a surprise with no early planning by the attacker and no clues. I think you’ll understand why it’s hard to stop those kind of attacks. how can our intelligence infiltrate an ordinary man mind? you can’t,you don’t even have some rules or guidelines to decide who is the typical people to executes those attack.

so what is the solution?
some say we need to deter those people by destroying their families homes after they attacked,some say we need to exclude them and cancel their citizenships.

what is my answer?-give them hope
when you give the population an economic opportunity and greater infrastructures like running water,better roads,more educational chances people will have something to look for..a light in the end of the tunnel.
when people will learned in school suddenly the preachers in the mosques wouldn’t be so attractive.
Suddenly the chance to go to college,to earn a better salary,to build a better house and go to vacations abroad will be more appealing then go and be brainwashed by the sheiks.
that’s the smartest solution that I can think of.

Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem

i just got an infection in my foot

so after coming back from my amazing month and a half trip in Nepal and India I found a job as a security guard in my city hospital.

in Israel there is a lot beating and mess inside the hospitals because a lot of arabs folks coming over to see their family member that is getting treatment but if he die they blaming the doctors for his death and then they starting to beat someone or make some mess and that’s why I found a good paid job as a security guard in that hospital.

so of course it’s not going to be my one and only job and meanwhile i’m  learning to trade stocks and saving up my money for my upcoming moving to Germany (I’m going to study law in Dusseldorf) so between shifts in my job I do runs! how great is that!?

until this year I never ran, I really hate it and I was the laziest man alive on this planet but something change last summer, I started to run out of boringness in the army and now it became an addiction. so I try to keep my addiction up and “running” 2-3 times a week( I also got the new Microsoft band and it’s soo cool!!)so for the last couple of months I ran between 5 to 6 KM but 2 days ago I pushed myself further and ran 8.56 KM in 53 min.
while running nothing unique happened and I didn’t felt anything but the morning after I woke up and couldn’t stand on my left foot. I’ve felt like a bone inside it is broken or almost broken but still I have a shift in the hospital to go to. so I limped to my hospital (it’s about 4 KM from my house and I love to walk so I don’t take the bus/car) and like every time murphy rule came along to the shift and gave me a psychopathic woman whom refused to get treatment and the doctors ordered me to deny her from going out of the ER. so i chased her inside the ER for half an hour while limping, I coursed my life but now I’m thinking about it and laughing. so i did my 8 hours shift limping and went home acting brave and trying not to do a big deal out of it.
The day after I had a shift in a stationary position inside the hospital so it was fine but the walking to and from the hospital was hurting like hell. today I decided to go to my doctor and apparently he had a English student that has roots in Peru so when he saw me jacket (a one from Nepal with a unique sewing) he asked about it and if it from Peru I answered no and told him that it from Nepal and we started to have a chit-chat.
He and my doctor looked at my leg and the told me i got an infection in some weird Latin name muscle and that I have to take 3 days resting…so now I’m home resting and chilling how fun is that!

i just got an infection in my foot

my conclusion about india(3 weeks!)

this is me..back again from the grave!..just kidding i’m infront of a computer in Manali India…sitting here in the guest house internet cafe.

after 13 hours connection from tel aviv to delhi through mosscow,i landed in delhi at 5:30 am !.

i was so tired so when i took a prepaid cab to my already booked hotel…the driver took me to a travel agency that told me by the phone with the hotel that they gave my room to anoter couple..of course at that time i belived them but actually it was a hoaks!.

i paid 300$ to a 4 days trip in Rajasthan provincial area.

i saw the amber fort (a 400 years old fort of some a wannabe india king) and of course how can i forget that i saw the overrated taj mahal…

my conclusion about india(3 weeks!)

Flying to Nepal

In Friday evening in gonna fly to a month and a half to Nepal and India in order to get some peace of mind and relaxation after 3 years in the army and of course after a war in Gaza where I lost a friend of mine..i need this vacation…I’m craving for it like an air for my lungs..for my not going to do drugs and looking for silence..for views and sit on top of a beautiful mountain and just clean my mind off..a great cleansing..that how I look and this bear coming trip..I’ll share photos and thoughts afterward..hope I’ll find some peace folks! See ya!

Flying to Nepal

Today I got my “reserve military funds”

3 weeks after the operation in Gaza started..a special day came..july 29th the official release date of me from the army..the date i dreamt so much about..a more special day then a marriage day!.

in the 29th I was inside Gaza strip in an alley with my tank and fought terrorist and more specifically tried to keep myself safe.

instead of going to tel Aviv and give my equipment back to the army..i fired ammunition.

in the same day I joined what is called reserve service-the service of everyone after his mandatory service and when needed can be called to serve again (mainly in war times) can be 22 or 40 and still be called to the flag.

the thing is that reserve force you get paid per day the same amount you are getting paid in your civil life job.

I never had a civil job right? Right!.

so when I still fought alongside my folks in the mandatory service I got paid much higher then them! If a regular serviceman get 200$ a month..i got 1200$ crazy!.


yesterday the brown army’s envelope came to my apartment and at first glance I fought that they are calling me back to the army ,my heart rate reached higher with every second running by until I opened the envelope and saw a doc. That give me the right to get the money from social security! So that’s what I did! Ohh and the best thing? After 10 days of reserve service you get an amount of 1200$ as a gift because you donated a respectable amount of time to your country and its not granted.

so guess what.. I got it +the 1200$ salary! Great day!


Today I got my “reserve military funds”