Today I got my “reserve military funds”

3 weeks after the operation in Gaza started..a special day came..july 29th the official release date of me from the army..the date i dreamt so much about..a more special day then a marriage day!.

in the 29th I was inside Gaza strip in an alley with my tank and fought terrorist and more specifically tried to keep myself safe.

instead of going to tel Aviv and give my equipment back to the army..i fired ammunition.

in the same day I joined what is called reserve service-the service of everyone after his mandatory service and when needed can be called to serve again (mainly in war times) can be 22 or 40 and still be called to the flag.

the thing is that reserve force you get paid per day the same amount you are getting paid in your civil life job.

I never had a civil job right? Right!.

so when I still fought alongside my folks in the mandatory service I got paid much higher then them! If a regular serviceman get 200$ a month..i got 1200$ crazy!.


yesterday the brown army’s envelope came to my apartment and at first glance I fought that they are calling me back to the army ,my heart rate reached higher with every second running by until I opened the envelope and saw a doc. That give me the right to get the money from social security! So that’s what I did! Ohh and the best thing? After 10 days of reserve service you get an amount of 1200$ as a gift because you donated a respectable amount of time to your country and its not granted.

so guess what.. I got it +the 1200$ salary! Great day!


Today I got my “reserve military funds”