Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem


In the last couple of months there is a sharp rise in the statistics-the statistics of terrorist attack in Israel and especially in Jerusalem.

back in the beginning of this century we had couple of grim years of suicide bombing on our buses and restaurants,an attacks that came from an organized extreme Muslim groups.our own FBI call Shabak managed to infiltrate those groups and after couple of years the descended to propaganda groups without any ability to attack us.
In recent months there is a new trend among many extreme Muslim people in the West bank and especially in east Jerusalem(where a lot of Palestinians lives in a poor conditions but work in Israel). this trend is very similar to the shooting in high schools trend that happening in the USA once in a while-a Palestinian guy can wake up in the morning after working in Jerusalem for 15 years and take his taxi and just make a killing spree with it on some innocent bystanders. it’s called “the lonely terrorist attack” and it’s characteristics are that it will come in a surprise with no early planning by the attacker and no clues. I think you’ll understand why it’s hard to stop those kind of attacks. how can our intelligence infiltrate an ordinary man mind? you can’t,you don’t even have some rules or guidelines to decide who is the typical people to executes those attack.

so what is the solution?
some say we need to deter those people by destroying their families homes after they attacked,some say we need to exclude them and cancel their citizenships.

what is my answer?-give them hope
when you give the population an economic opportunity and greater infrastructures like running water,better roads,more educational chances people will have something to look for..a light in the end of the tunnel.
when people will learned in school suddenly the preachers in the mosques wouldn’t be so attractive.
Suddenly the chance to go to college,to earn a better salary,to build a better house and go to vacations abroad will be more appealing then go and be brainwashed by the sheiks.
that’s the smartest solution that I can think of.

Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Place of honor

Yesterday there was an event that opened a bit of a debate in my mind.

yesterday at noon the officer (the commander of my tanks platoon) started to yell on one of the soldiers because he thought that this soldier did a theft at took some equipment from another tank.

while he  started to confront the soldier with the accusation the soldier swear on his grandfather grace that he didn’t do anything and that the equipment is his.

while the officer said that he not believing him and that he treated that that is the last time he allow anything like this to happen.. The soldier (who like the officer and have good relationship with the officer) didn’t give up and continued to say “I’m putting my word that its my equipment”,”I swear to you ” and etc.

this whole thing made me wonder.. That ages ago a man word and swear was sacred..was a taboo not to take it seriously. In history man had a word..had an honor..sometimes he has nothing but this.

when a man said that he’s swear and he give his word out in the open..the society around him always honored that and trusted his word cause the man and society knew what will happen if he’s lying and the consequences were vividly and strict.

in modern times does is still the situation? I don’t think so.

as I see it a man don’t have a word these days because we are all lying all the time and cheating..the society is used to the saying”I swear in…” So it became so common that the phrase lost any respect and weight from the surrounding.

in the end the equipment was of the soldier and he didn’t took it from the other tank…its sad that the officer didn’t believed him at first at only after couple of hours changed his mind.

Place of honor