Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem


In the last couple of months there is a sharp rise in the statistics-the statistics of terrorist attack in Israel and especially in Jerusalem.

back in the beginning of this century we had couple of grim years of suicide bombing on our buses and restaurants,an attacks that came from an organized extreme Muslim groups.our own FBI call Shabak managed to infiltrate those groups and after couple of years the descended to propaganda groups without any ability to attack us.
In recent months there is a new trend among many extreme Muslim people in the West bank and especially in east Jerusalem(where a lot of Palestinians lives in a poor conditions but work in Israel). this trend is very similar to the shooting in high schools trend that happening in the USA once in a while-a Palestinian guy can wake up in the morning after working in Jerusalem for 15 years and take his taxi and just make a killing spree with it on some innocent bystanders. it’s called “the lonely terrorist attack” and it’s characteristics are that it will come in a surprise with no early planning by the attacker and no clues. I think you’ll understand why it’s hard to stop those kind of attacks. how can our intelligence infiltrate an ordinary man mind? you can’t,you don’t even have some rules or guidelines to decide who is the typical people to executes those attack.

so what is the solution?
some say we need to deter those people by destroying their families homes after they attacked,some say we need to exclude them and cancel their citizenships.

what is my answer?-give them hope
when you give the population an economic opportunity and greater infrastructures like running water,better roads,more educational chances people will have something to look for..a light in the end of the tunnel.
when people will learned in school suddenly the preachers in the mosques wouldn’t be so attractive.
Suddenly the chance to go to college,to earn a better salary,to build a better house and go to vacations abroad will be more appealing then go and be brainwashed by the sheiks.
that’s the smartest solution that I can think of.

Another day another terrorist attack in Jerusalem

Today I got my “reserve military funds”

3 weeks after the operation in Gaza started..a special day came..july 29th the official release date of me from the army..the date i dreamt so much about..a more special day then a marriage day!.

in the 29th I was inside Gaza strip in an alley with my tank and fought terrorist and more specifically tried to keep myself safe.

instead of going to tel Aviv and give my equipment back to the army..i fired ammunition.

in the same day I joined what is called reserve service-the service of everyone after his mandatory service and when needed can be called to serve again (mainly in war times) can be 22 or 40 and still be called to the flag.

the thing is that reserve force you get paid per day the same amount you are getting paid in your civil life job.

I never had a civil job right? Right!.

so when I still fought alongside my folks in the mandatory service I got paid much higher then them! If a regular serviceman get 200$ a month..i got 1200$ crazy!.


yesterday the brown army’s envelope came to my apartment and at first glance I fought that they are calling me back to the army ,my heart rate reached higher with every second running by until I opened the envelope and saw a doc. That give me the right to get the money from social security! So that’s what I did! Ohh and the best thing? After 10 days of reserve service you get an amount of 1200$ as a gift because you donated a respectable amount of time to your country and its not granted.

so guess what.. I got it +the 1200$ salary! Great day!


Today I got my “reserve military funds”

A battle day on the Syrian border


So yesterday was Sunday.. The day that open my last week in the army and what did I get? A battle on the Syrian border.. That right.

let start from the beginning:

so yesterday morning I woke up at sunrise.. Worked on my tank for half an hour and went to breakfast. Nothing extraordinary.

after couple of hours an anti tank middle that had been shot from Syria to Israel hit a truck 🚚 and a 9 years old boy died and couple other are seriously injured.

and then it all began!

our group of tanks rushed to combat stations and we shot on military targets. a long day began to take a shape.. After an hour of shooting and crazy talks on the radio things started to go weird.. We waited and waited to get some commands but they never came so as we are waiting we saw a big explosions in front of us on a town in Syria ..apparently they (Syria) started to fight the rebels in their turf with no connection to the battle with us! How crazy is this! . So all day long apparently was a wired routine of see Syrian fighters and weaponry and waiting to approval to shoot them…at 11am it started to happen..we only managed to eat at 10 pm! I was starving!! It’s a hot summer in israel(36 Celsius ) and the waters began to was a truly hard and exhausting day..but we never thought about this because we are here for this kind of protect our border!


A battle day on the Syrian border

World cup never been missed!

so apparently this is my last week in the army!.so close yet so far away.

I don’t know what is going to happen next Sunday when I will return my equipment and my gun and will finally go home.

I dreamt about this day for 3 years,I breath this day. I’m caressing for him to come but because it’s like a mythical event. I have some irrational fear that when I will go to the bus that will take mr “inception” event will happen and I will be stuck in a loophole for the rest of my life.

my feelings in the last week are fear and excitement. I fear because I’m entering a new era but I’m excited because I’m free at last!

meanwhile the world cup is on.

although I’m not a crazy football fan there are things I never miss! Not even in the army!.(champion league is one of them too!)

so here im watching the world cup on uniforms and still having some good time! 

World cup never been missed!